time only takes away from

what the future holds in store

what I enjoy now today

becomes weakened

with my later aging

for as my polluted arteries

start to harden

the mind in turn grows softer

until the thumbs of this life are

worthless when it comes to paging

I walk upright and proud

but mentally  hunker over when in

deep residing thought

the darker barriers which I explore

are quite lonely when put in their

prospective places

there's much to learn from the folding

contours of one's finely embroidered


a valued lesson comes even if

unknowingly to be taught

but solely from within

my once so weight spirit positively

soars at the prospect of moving onto

the next nearest level

I am conquering victor of my own worth

a pioneer you might say of well traveled

seek full self truth

I stand corrected now in my mind for all

I have yet to achieve

the best work I've ever written

I admit I have yet to even begin to conceive

I ask no forgiveness for my pained ignorance

but a match for with which to start yet

another flame

one that like these scary scribbles of mine

will burn on long forever more

guaranteeing a prominent place

'In The Folds Of The Far Off Tomorrows'

for my yet notably noted name

that I do wholeheartedly believe is what

should be intended and what our precious

Lord has personally set aside for me

in future store....................

(April 24, 1994 am)

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