it seems to me

that I have desired you

for all time

through numerous lives lived before

while coupled by intense feelings now

these tell me that you are mine

your quick clever tongue

many a wonderous word it twists in my

receptive ears to rhyme

I possess a secret truth

one I will all to gladly share with

you one day

but only when in the scope of our love's

sweetest prime

but how will I know such moment when it

arrives and how will you know it too

and will I be forever damned to recognize

such depth less feelings in me

only to find that you do not recognize

them in you

you live unlodgable in my mind so

vibrantly alive, loving and carefree

ah but only if you could live in my hungry

heart as well

forever and so very in love with me

would my knowing that I wonder kill the

dead empty ache that constantly eats in

the darkest chambers of my very soul

know that my future meeting with you for

the first time yet again is my one true and

unobstructed yet defining goal

you have had me in the palm of your out

stretched hand

from the very beginning of time

I am here now to tell you

that I am yours

all I ask of you in return is that you

please be mine

fully, whole heartedly

and quite understandably so...........

(April 11, 1998)

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