in this poem
your spirit
owns the night
these lines
as they speak
your heart
the rays of
dawn's first
breathtaking light
the beauty of the moment
is yours by command
in my own lines
I find
I am a street sweeper
compared to
the accomplishments of
your own so very blessed hand
you sir
are the vendor that sells
to the less fortunate
all spices given
to help make tasty
the blandest bland
empty would
such a world be
without the gilded frame
such poetic words impart
that is your calling
in the panoramic corridors
of your broad engaging mind
you shed pain and tears
woefully from the heart
and from them such beauty
is cognizantly refined
yet sadly enough
more and more of it
the so very greedy for love
takes part
and ravenously dines
never even once thinking to thank
their selfless host
for such a generous banquet
of lines.....................
(July 29. 2010 351am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my poetic reply to fellow post poems poet Muhammad Naveed Ahmed's poem 'To Have Not and Have'

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