a little more than just seemly on the looks side

he claims to have it but I see very little pride

a piece of rather cheap meat in the offing

covered now by way of too much hide

a true daredevil in his late childhood hey days

but spineless and whiny when it comes down to

the time that he for himself must decide

at this already over questioned life he much

too casually plays

he has never been known for censuring anything

of what he says

I made a most crucial mistake

when I introduced him to a very dear friend

and he doesn't know the true meaning of the

phrase 'Its over when one steps over the line

that marks the end'

now, I must somehow right an unexceptionally

wayward wrong

change the very real lyrics to what otherwise

could have been a lovely romantic song

I'll turn and fix it for she

just you wait and see

and she will have like that

of what I have that and more

on that I'd be willing to bet the proverbial


for my persistence is not anywhere  near

short of being external and I know in

future what she has for her in store

unbridled happiness that is so very


(April 19, 1994am)

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