some would say

the paint itself is everything

but I say

not so

the idea 'ere first thought

is the prime ingredient in the crucial mix

yet note:

true beauty could never be adequately scaled

for all eyes do indeed vary

after all, so very different is he who is the


he who conceives the numerous possibilities of

the end result

the artist's colorful, rectangular child

the true offspring of the initial inspiration

one might explain

every eye contains aspects of an artist

beauty can be quite universal

far beyond the realm of mere paints some canvas

and the brush

more than one opinion can appreciate its confines

the frame tends to embrace its physical beauty


but it is the naked eye that makes up the work's

internal aura

what is aesthetically pleasing to the eye

may be only just that

ah, but what is truly a beautiful work of art

speaks articulately to the humble yet awed viewer

drawing such viewer quietly into his or her own

respected point of just what is pleasing to the eye

and each says so aloud

speaking unbiasedly (we hope) for the actual silence

of the painting itself

why God, himself created this very effect on man I


for is it not indeed repeatedly perceived to be like

that amongst the souls in heaven

to speak to one another without the use of the

spoken word

so perhaps then, fine paintings are indeed Angels



at least tiny glimpses of them


(Aug. 3, 1994 pm)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Art always inspires me to write, even bad art! but this time most blessedly, it was good art!

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