you were a pretty good kid

I wish like heaven that you hadn't done what you did

was she really worth it?

I think if you could answer you would likely say no

so many dreams remain lost within the place you were

bound and determined to go

I freely admit I'm not qualified to analyze

but I wish you could inform me whether or not

what you've done was wise

so much heartache and frustration this often too

repeated tale of indescribable despair belies

too many screams for help from too many teenagers

how are we suppose to recognize each of their

individual cries

I wonder how your mother is this year

the first family Christmas without you here

are you really dead or is it just a  ruse

a coward's easy way out that only corpses get to


I wish I could say but I truly don't

I'd like to say I forgive you but that would be lying

so I won't

I believe death is just a form of passing on to

another more important post

but its always the young who pass on that we seem

to miss the most.............

(Jan 24,1992 am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written to help heal myself over the suicide of Job Henry, a boy I knew who killed himself over a friend of mine he loved.

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