we share such incredible

'Cerebral Pleasures'

where mutual dreams once only

partially realized

now dance openly

almost wantonly

between our buzzing connected minds

I find that I am so very loathe

to give up such titillating treasures

he's confiscated my precious Zen

the back seat has never looked so very

appealing as it does in this captured


such sweet blazing brown eyes

never had such power before

to woo my eclectic senses

gladness slips a clever mickey to my


clarity toasts the lightning newness of

such fervent feelings

I am drunk on the man's mind

enamored of his venerate voice as he

speaks my name

besotted by his former reserve and

utterly enchanted with his willingness

to allow me to bathe with him in his

unique life's experience

I feel so wholely blessed in an

otherwise most cursing moment

I am finally tasting a little of what

was very well likely meant to be

our prayed for crossing of paths

a spiritual recognition if you will

jars me so sweetly from my previous

death like slumber

touch me more with your great emotional

wealth of words

I not so silently beg

caress my hungry poet's soul

with the frank and open tenderness of your

complete candor

let me see for myself the numerous gouges

and scars slashed upon your dear sad heart

allow me the chance to feel the galloping

rhythm of its brave graceful beat

as I so yearn to touch its slowly healing

wounds with the warm enveloping balm and

sincerity of my heart's own live on in the


that the magic yet touched lies within our

combined ability to effortlessly one day


and that I await for the smallest of signs

from you of your own freely given emotional


(March 18, 1998)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for Cave Dweller...

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