beyond good you will find hatred's ultimate mate

and along with it a built in facade of innocence

over which we can not readily debate

thy name love

the feel of it so sweet

unquenchable and faultless

but even one close look passed its perimeter

the cloaking haze slips and it appears thoughtless

flattery surfaces to aid and ricochet the self esteem's


God gives to each of us a certain measure of craft

and common sense

worth is only a plateau in which you will find

to merely reach for

there is no real certainty of a knock to come if there

is no door

all anyone ever really wants is just a little more

and man always concludes an ending to the means

through blood shed and war

peace amongst brotherhood of man

surely must be a tale of folklore

tragedy is spelled differently today in our society

of gangs, pushers and whores

everyone is highly concerned but not quite of aids

yet to most it still only equates ugliness, gays,

drugs and sores

the surface of goodness is growing thinner

its not just bad people getting needlessly killed

its more so now falling on your everyday God fearing


I can only risk so much of myself

the rest I must turn away from and gently ignore

even for a poet some areas of the darkened soul

aren't safe or fit to explore

I must find safe waters in which to further swim

if I don't the fear of gradual humiliation might take

me over and win

it takes time for ignorance and fear of change to be

stamped out

but I know in my heart there will come a day when there

will be no more

perhaps that's what God intended forever to be for.....

(Nov 18,1991 am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

not bad for a nearly 24 year old girl at the time.

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