broad sparse meadow
the universe stands
proudly panoramic before me
clouds gather
cross breezes rub shoulders
prairie grass fidgets
somewhere a creek not far off
gurgles to get closer still
there is an expectant hush
rising up to witness
the scheduling of
something before unscheduled
ah now I see
a giant 'Maple In The Clearing'
a glorified queen firming herself up
to rally and address
her roaring masses
a luckiest among the lucky
spectator am I
I bow my own head
and train my ears
to hear her important speech
powerfully but feint she begins
nature is a state all its own
her subjects in turn grow wild
and at that moment
how I wish I could be
even the tiniest bud
blossoming on a branch...........
(Nov. 22, 2015 9am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Was recalling a marvelous afternoon a few summers ago  that I spent in a lovely meadow near my friend's house and watching this one particular tree out in a field

and how it looked like a queen standing before her vast sea of subjects and how I wished if that were indeed true, that I could be a part of all that if I could but trade my place with nature's citizens sighs.............

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