amid the turmoil
the question of
just how should I feel
about this
'Unexpected Valentine'
confusion stands
muddied with rust
the moral high ground
towers coldly
do nothing or
react to his latest parry's
the choices are
yet my decision
wobbles primarily
on the stance that
he long ago chose
the level of separation
we currently endure
that would hold itself up
between us
from that point forward
stories left untold
seem to have selected
their chapters in which
to be writ
so I cannot edit this
manuscript for
a more pleasing outcome
for the pages themselves
are far too water damaged
to be adequately read
I shall leave the work at hand
as is
or until my innermost being
instructs me otherwise..........
(March 19, 2015 1052pm)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My ex husband of all people sent me a Valentine this year and it arrived on the very day of.

Was beyond strange. People are such complicated creatures and so very hard to read. I was well under the impression that that stage between he and I was well and truly over so one can imagine my shock when such gesture arrived in my mail box. This poem was born from that contemplation's confusion.


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roseblossoms's picture

People never leave our

People never leave our hearts,  i suppose  

somewhere in his  lies beautiful memories  


best wishes  

palewingedpoetess's picture

precisely RB you said it best.

You made me think of that old Whitney Houston song where do broken hearts go........when somebody loves you don't they always love you.......... somewhere deep in his being there is a part of him that still loves me the same as there will always be a part of me that will always love him. Sometimes love is only meant to last a day a week a year ten years or a lifetime but in the end it was all love. I have to look at it that way otherwise I'd drive myself crazy with the why's and why nots of things. Thanks for your so very wise input. Sincerest wishes, M.