Those Moments

First Love

I loved those moments-

When we would lay side by side

gazing into eachother's eyes

Our legs intertwined

and our fingers laced together

I can't help but wonder

If we will ever get that moment back again

So much love in those moments

I could feel it stronger with every heartbeat

Not a care in the world

All our troubles forgotten

Because I had you

and you had me

And look at us now-so far from those moments

Having you was all I needed in those moments

My best friend by my side

Protecting me from pain

I knew whatever happened in my life

It would be okay becasue you were there

It was such a special, intense bond we had

And oh how I cherised every moment

Nothing could ever replace those moments

I don't think I could feel that satisfaction,

that overwhelming contentment again

Because it was a blissful, naive time

And I would have to doubt the feeling

I could find someone else

But i could never have the experience of those moments

Those moments were the reason I'd get up in the morning

Couldn't remember a time before then

Or imagine a life wihtout them

And they've been gone for so long now

But i will always miss them

If I lay down and close my eyes

I can feel myself in that moment

I ache for the love in those moments

Yet no love can be the same

I was so sure you were the one

The only one I'd ever love

Sometimes I wonder if its still true

It was so real, I can't imagine different love

Even if I no longer have the love of those moments

I'm just fine without those moments now

But now and then the feeling drifts back

And i am taken to that place

And I miss all the passion we had

It makes me so sad to think its gone

I can never fully believe we've forever quit those moments

I'd love for just one more minute in that moment

-October 2006

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