Unexpected love

Unexpected love

An unexpected love is

When somebody comes

Along when we least expect it

That’s what happened to my brother Billy

I think he had just about given up

On finding that special love.

Until he starting talking to

Debbi on that fateful in the

Little café. They Talked all

Night until the hours of

Early morning. Little did they know that conversation

They had with each other would forever changed their lives and be the start of a once in a lifetime love everybody dreams Of. Debbi and her kids brought That sparks back into my Brother’s eyes. The look that truly says I really feel loved For the first time in life and It doesn’t matter if she says I Love you or not I can tell she Does and always will every time I look into her eyes. The stepfather Doesn’t exist Billy has always and will Think of her kids as his own that’s what love is All about willing to go the extra mile for someone you love and they’ve Went thousands of extra miles for each other they’ve experienced every kind of pain known to man and still held each other hand and guided each other Through the journeys they’ve faced in both their lives together that what I call a once in a lifetime that will last forever and eternity.

Written with all my love and blessings to you both!!!

June 29th 2010  

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

beautiful ode to brother and his wife -so beautifully heartfelt. Wonderful piece!