Let it all go forever

Let it  all go forever

I know have had  

A blessed life

Without a doubt

There’s no way I’ll

Ever deny that in any way

But someday I won’t deny

I wish some of my could be me

For a week so they could see

What it like to be and how they’d

React that would be exciting for

Me to see. I wondering if they

Would see and feel half the pain

I feel for her  everyday even though

Nobody around would believe I care

Anything about my mom and

Dad I love both my parents


They bring  out the

Best in me  I will

Always believe whether they  

Mean too or not why do  

They have make it seem

Like I’m to blame for

My mom being in pain

If they only knew how

I feel about her

They don’t they about

All the links I would go  

Too if it were take her

Pain away it’s not

All my fault

Everybody knows

People will get old

Someday and be in pain

No matter what they do

Try and stop it’s going to come

May 26th 2009

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