Tears inside my soul

Tears inside my soul

I feel like the more I

Try to move forward

The harder I seem

To  fall on my knees  

So to speak  asking

God  will things start

Looking up for me

And going my way

Or seem like they

Are at least half

Way.   The more

I try to do right

Somehow it ends

Up going wrong. I’m

Always clumsy

Trying to make mom

Laugh but mostly I

Seem  to make her

Mad she takes  a lot

Of what  I say  the wrong

Way. I know she can’t

Help when she acts this

Way she mostly acts this

Way when runs out of meds

And has to get them

Filled right away like

She did today.

May 12th 2009

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I'm sorry you had a bad day with mom but even sorrier that she ran out of meds. No doubt it's due to finances which we are all going through one way or another. Just keep loving her and supporting her. She will no doubt apologize once her med situation is straightened out ..I feel your pain...