You love making me miserable

You love making me miserable

I knew I was celebrating

Too soon for me to completely

For awhile but I was so

Hoping this time around

Will be different.

I feel like you

Treat me this way

Mainly because

You love the feeling

You get when you

Take over my mind

And body and make it

Jerk uncontrollably

For a minute or  so

And drain me of all

My energy. Even though

I can feel you trying to build

Up enough strength

To form another

Seizure in my body.

Even though I can

Feel you camping out

In my muscles as always

And I know you’re always

Waiting for  the right moment

And time to show me your

Devilish present even though

I know the chances of you

Or  stronger then you not

Sharing you’re grace with me

At all I always have to tell myself

That I have the power to make you

so weak you’ll become afraid of me

And you never get the nerve to

Come  near me again.

But I know in my heart

You play a much  evil game

March 5th 2009

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Wow! speechless! This is such

Wow! speechless! This is such a powerful poem. though the second line is cut off. I have some injuries that create spasms in my body. Its like you took the words right out of my mouth. I guess the hardest part is that you know its coming, always uninvited and at the worst possible times. God bless and may you continue to have the strength to over come. Wonderful write.

If its possible, no matter what it always starts with a dream!