If I don’t believe

If I don’t believe

Well I had a seizure

Sometimes Friday

But the truth I expected

Nothing less because

It’s toward the end of the

Month and my hormone

Always like get overacted

During this time.  I kept

They were over but I know

That nobody can expect

A miracle over night

I know that I can’t

Ever loose hope that

One day they will

Forever go away

And be just a memory

Of my past. I know

That if I ever

Were to give up

The seizures would

Probably take my body

And slowly but surely

Take my life. I don’t

Know what will happens

But I do know I’m not done

On this earth and it’s not

In me to ever go up!

Oct 25th 2008

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I agree with you never give up. Faith gets us through so much so it's important to hold onto it..