I thought my birth

Mom got the message

The other day when

I told her i didn’t want

Any kind of relationship

With her from this day

Forward.  I sit here thinking

Yay she went away! It’s over

then I was chatting on yahoo

Messenger when a very dear friend

That means the world to me! And

I seen I had an received an e-mail from my birth

Mom in the e-mail account  I chat under

I thought even though I never use this

Account for e-mail I don’t want her

To be able to contact me in any way.

Then i Imed her and said please don’t

e-mail me and she replied with a

Nasty comments throwing F bombs

And saying nasty things I said myself

She wants to play I’ll play her and

I’ll win so I informed my friends

On yahoo IM then I was deleting

This account and I was going to

Come up with a new screename

For me and if they had any good

Ideas on a new screename

To speak up right away!

Game over Tammy I win

I’ll  always defeat you so

Please don’t try again

The end

Oct 17th 2008  

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