All I was to see what was on TV

All I was to see what was on TV

All I  wanted was

To see what

Was on tv

But apparently

Uncle hub had other

Plans for me.

I turned my

Tv on And

He was recording

Some football

Games one of them

He had already seen I know for

Sure why he does

Stuff like this to me

I’ll never understand

When I confront him about

It he says he’ll never

Do it again he’s

Sorry and so yet he always

Does it over and over again

I know he loves me

And I do him that’s why

I let  him keep doing this to me.

My daddy wonders why I started

Saying bad words because I feel

Some of my family think what

I feel about certain things

Like watching  tv

doesn’t matter

I’m just the dumb girl

To them who has nothing

And never will as far as that

Goes so why should they

Respect my thoughts

About tv or anything

Dec 23rd 2008  

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I think you should tell Uncle Hub it hurts your feelings when he makes promises he breaks over and over again and want to know why he does this. It is he's absent minded and it happens or is it deliberate and if so why. I agree he should take more consideration of your feelings.