Nobody knows

Nobody knows

My cousin had 2 cyst removed

From thyroid the other day surgery

Went okay. So we were all

Happy about that in every

Way. They received the

Results from the cyst

Saying  they were

Cancerous but they’re

99% sure they got it all.

Well her daddy got

All depressed about

The thought of his baby

Girl even having cancer

I would be too. But

Mom and I both

Told him little kids

And babies die

from cancer

Everyday! I said you can’t

Sit around and dwell on the

Fact that it  might come

Back. I said  anything’s possible

I  said here’s what she has to tell

Herself cancer if you do come my way

I won’t go down easy I’ll fight you

To my death and live everyday like it’ll

Be your last I do and I’m even sick.

Feb 13th 2009

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Afzal Shauq's picture

really a good and impressive poem you added it ans hope you will also continue commenting my poems too and litle detailed way to record your comments to add to new book of mine...