Just breathe

Just breathe

Mom freaks gets

Nervous and upset

Over things we

Probably can’t do

Nothing about

She says well

It’s not fair

For them to do

This to us after

Your dad worked

All of our lives.

I  told her just hang out

Wait till tomorrow and

We’ll find out the truth.

I also told her life

Would never be fair

No matter what we do

Say getting angry will never

Help or make anything better.

If it does I would get angry a lot

Just to help those that need it more

Then me or a lot worse then I’ll probably

Ever be./ I told her we have to be

The warriors that we are and

Always have be. Everybody has

Struggles in life. We have battle

Our struggles face to face..

And say okay. I don’t care

What gets thrown at me

I’m gong to take it all

With a grain

Of salt and lesson learn.

We have beat them we can’t

Never let them get to us.

Feb 12th 2009

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Afzal Shauq's picture

I like this poem very much and idea is really rich and inspiring...its mature theme..which shows that you have much ability to write more and more poems...god bless you junior fried and thanks for your comments if you do to mine too.... sure I will be your friend and we discuss ideas.. hope you keep my famous say with you and to pass on to your friends ..ei ((( a friendly smile is the best weapon of war to fight with... afzal shauq))) hope never stop writing and comments too...looking foraiwrd for your sweet words ro hear and see..