We’re all different

We’re all different

I can’t figure

Out for the

Life of me

Why some

People assume we’re

All the same?

Just because

a lot of people

Were born with

a disability that has

The same name. it

Doesn’t mean we all

Think and act the

Same. We all

Have our own

Brain but they

Each work differently

Some parts of a person’s brain

Act like they’re asleep

But they’re dead they don’t

Answer to certain commends

Like others do. On the

Other hand some

People’s brain doesn’t

Respond to anything.

But god  has blessed me

With a less severe type of CP

So I’m going enjoy my life

As much as i can everyday!!

I don’t understand why some

People that meet me look

At me like I should be a

Zombie it just makes no sense

To me!!!

Sept 24th 2008  

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Reese Renee's picture

I can to relate to this, I was special needs in school as well, all the kids bullied and picked on me like I was some animal out in the street, it really pissed me off, piss they know and i know that we are all different in our own special uique way.

I like this one a whole lot.