All I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas

Is to see our  world to start

to see better days!

A little bit of hope

That all the people

That took a chance

To work hard wasn’t a

Total waste of their times

And their lives. But as

Each day ends and

Another one begins

It’s looking and

Feelings that way more

Everyday! I’m

Sure when our

Parents and grandparents

Were growing up during

Pearl harbor and such wars

I bet they said to themselves

I’m going to work as hard as I can

So my children and  

Grandchildren will

Never have to kill

Themselves in

Saw mills and

Such making

A buck a day

Rounding out to about 5 dollars

A week in the end.

They might not

Had much  back

Then but the 2 things

That we don’t see much of

They had love

And  family values  which is a lot

More then I can say

For most people growing up

In these times today!

All I want for Christmas

Is a better world to live in the


Dec 15th 2008

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jgupta's picture

May all your wishes come true! It was very thoughtful of you to ask for a better world - May You Have A Merry Christmas!