They just knew I wouldn’t do it.

They just know I wouldn’t do it.

My doctor said should start

Therapy again. I thought

Here we go again

Somebody telling me how

We should do things

I okay I’ll give it a try

For all that loves me and

Cares about me! Within just

A few days. And they gave me

Some stretches to do every night.

They told me if I didn’t there’s

A good chance all my joints would slowly

Lock up forever. I said to myself that

Might happen to somebody else but

Not to me I’m a fighter always have been

Always will be! I LOVE beating the odds!

Everybody found that out the day I

Was born and fought for my life!

July 31st 2008  

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

great piece and always keep up the spirit to keep going..