In memory of the boy scouts who were killed.

In memory of the boy scouts who were killed.

You never know what’s going

To happen from day to day

We never have known and never

Will because we’re not meant to

Understand.  But as I

Wake up each it seems

This world is ending in a faster

Pace then anybody had

Ever expected. I

I say this because mom

And I were watching CNN news

Last night in between commercials.

I was so taken back by the headlines

I was seeing on the news.  When it said

5 boy scouts dead or more due to

Tornado. I really can’t imagine what

The families of the boy scouts are

Feeling especially the parents of these

Boys. From I understand there’s no

Greater pain then the loss of a child.

I know we don’t always understand

Why people so young are taken from us sometimes

But we just Have to remember that god has

Biggier and more special plans

For them! Most of all we must

Remember that golden gates

Is a more beautiful place then

We could ever imagine!

   They have their wings now

They maybe gone in body but they’ll

Never be gone in spirits

Or those they loved hearts

They’ll always be inside their

Hearts for forever and always!

June 12th  2008,

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Sam Edwards's picture

Well put! It is and enormous grief for all of their loved ones who are asking WHY? Thank you for the lovely words!--Sam