My aunt died

On Oct 26th of

Last year!

Most days it’s

Hard to believe

She has already

Taken her place at the

Heavenly gates. But

One thing I can’t

Believe more then

Anything. Is how

Different her

Daughters and

Her husband seems

Toward us. Her death

Changed her all in many

Different ways I will say.

But I had no idea they

Would no longer talk to us,

Act as if they were better then

Us or act as though we never

Existed but they do.

uncle red will barely talk

To me he looks at me

As if I’m a statue or

As if I have the mind of

A 2 year old. I told mom if

They were going to act

That way toward us I don’t

Want to talk to any of them

They’re not worth my time.

June 3rd 2008,

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