Always nice to make a friend!


Always nice to make a friend!

It always nice

To make a

Friend regardless

Of where or how you meet

Them.  Who can

Understand and relate

To you in a way no

One else ever can!

It’s just nice to meet

People who respect

You for who are

And see the person

You are inside

And forget that

You’re disabled

For awhile

And feel normal for

Awhile but one thing

I know for sure is

That nothing or

Nobody will

Ever truly be

“normal” we just

Like to think or

Say things are

Normal the

Actual truth we

Don’t and never will

Know what normal is

April 14th 2008

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Sam Edwards's picture

Well Put! Thank you for contributing to my day and being so truthful about life! You have a great perception about a lot of things. --Sam

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