A celebration of lives!


A celebration of lives!

Today I woke up

To find a boy I knew

With cp passed away.

Last night because

He had gotten to where

He couldn’t no longer sallow,

So they put him in the hospital

Awhile back and he loss

The  battle. Counting him

That’s 5 people I’ve known

Who has now loss their

Battle with cp but their

Memories will forever live

On in  me. When I

Have a bad day and

Don’t think I can go on

I always remember their

Faces and names

I know I have to continue

On and stay strong

Even though there’s

Some days I feel I want

Curl up in a ball and die

Or crawl in a hole and die

I know I can’t. I have to go on

For them I can’t let their memories

Ever be distorted in any way I must

Keep them alive even though they’re not

Here with me in body! I know they’ll

Always be with me in spirit and they’ll

Never leave me!

March 4th 2008

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Sam Edwards's picture

Thank you fou those words! You are an incredible writer with a true focus on Life!