Purge till death

my dairies

Purge till death

A girl I saw on TV

Today is wasting away

Due to the fact that

In her mind she’s fat

She eats like a horse

Then purges

A 130 times a day

Till she throws up blood.

I can kind understand

Where her head is

I’ve battle with my

Weight all my

Life it’s still

A continued struggle

For me everyday and

Probably always will

Be.  You just have to block

Those voices out of your

Head and erase them.

Say okay I might be a

Little plucky but I’m pretty

And Intelligent.

So screw you

You’ll never truly

Understand what’s

It’s like for me on a daily

Bases besides you just

Like to say others are

Fat so you can boost

Yourself up.

Feb 25th 2008,

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swing that hammer Lory and keep hitting the nails on there head...