They can’t see you were just trying to help

They can’t see you were just trying to help

You try to look out

For your friends and

Those you care

About always.

So when you ask

Somebody you care

About to slow themselves

Down. We think we

Are doing what’s best

For them to keep something

Bad from happening to them

Not knowing one of best friends

Is going to message hours and pitch

A fit saying you don’t need to tell him not

To  do this or that. It sometimes feels like no matter

How much more you want to help people

You somehow do them more harm then good.

We all learn lessons about life everyday that’s all

I have to say

Sept 26 2007,

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

In my view a good friend will voice an opinion and make suggestions but not necessarily tell someone what to do. The suggestions give the advantage of the person receiving them to think about it and then make their own decision.