Lay your hands upon her.

poems about god

Lay your hands upon her.

Hello god I

Know you have a lot

Of blessings that probably need

Answering worse then mine.

But If you’ll just give me 5 minutes

Of your time I’ll be forever grateful to you!

I know you have a reason and a blessing

Behind everything. She’s really sick as you know

Her health seems to be getting worse by the

Day please take her pain away. It’s hard

For us to look at her day after day in this shape.

Please lay your  hands upon her doctors brain

And give them the power to lay their

Hands upon her and heal her aches and

Pains so she’ll be able to enjoy her

Life to fullest for the rest of days.

Please I don’t ask you for much

Especially in cases like what

My nanny goes through everyday. We

Can’t loose now her daughters

Are having to deal with own

Demons and pains in their lives

Everyday! You of all people know

No matter how old a child gets

When things seem too

Overwhelming for a child to bare

They always run to their mother

And want mom to tell them how

To solve all their problems hold their

Hand and fill their heart with the

Wisdom all parents

Have and say everything’s

Going to be okay at the end of

The day! I rest my case I’ll let

You decide if this point in her

Life is a little bump in the road

Of life, or is it just her time

To come be with you and

Your angels no matter what

You decide I know you’ll do

What’s right. Thank you for

Your time in your heavenly name I pray


Jul 27th 2007

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well i see it`s been a few

well i see it`s been a few years,

i hope god healed her

ron parrish

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Hey, that's a sweet little'll be heard!