Me & Jason are on speaking terns

Me & Jason are on speaking terns

Again I guess!

When Jason and I

Were in high school

Whatever I e-mailed him I

Would make my e-mails

To him into poetry in a way.

He always said he liked my

Poetry so I figured that would

A neat little thing to do for him!

Well he moved away to

College and we both

Started our own thing

I guess you could say.

Well before I know it 5

Yearss had passed without hearing

Anything from him!

I prayed for him

I thought to myself I

Hope he’s okay he

Promised to always

Find a way to stay in

Touch no matter what! Then

The other day I sent him an invite

To add him to myspace page

He didn’t except me on his page

I thought okay I’m going to tell him

Just how shady I think he is. So I

Wrote  him a poem/letter and he wrote replied

Saying he has just moved again to LA

And didn’t have much access to the net.

I said okay I understand

That. He say I have a cell phone

But don’t use it much I told him

I said okay that’s where I draw

The line you could have called at least

Once a year and let know you were still alive!

He agreed so we’re talking a little again for now

I won’t say we’ll stay in touch now you never can

Tell about him anymore. I know our friendship will probably never be like it once was but it’s good to hear

From again. But if he walks out of my life again

I won’t be sad if he does. if he wants  

To loose me as a friend that’s fine!

May 20th 2007

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He'd regret losing you as a friend...