No more seizure meds for me ever!

No more seizure meds for ever

Some people keep Telling me

If this or that doesn’t work

You might have to go back

On the seizure meds, and I’m

Sorry to disappoint them

But there  be will no more

Seizure meds placed in my

Body. I will gracefully die

Before I put another seizure pill

In my body. It would be a lot

Different if I  knew the meds

Were helping me but they

Weren’t they were harming me.

I’m not going to waste my time

Putting something in my body

That could potentially eat up

My blood cells and organs.

This might sound crazy

But I think I have a lot

Of life left to live and

Not going to leave this

World easy. Easy just isn’t

My style.

Feb 26th 2007,

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this is good...if you want to read more in to this...check out my poems called medication and medication 2 and see what you think