The pain in my legs


The pain in my legs

The pain in

My legs can

Sometimes make

Me say crazy

Things and feel

Crazy ways so

Please forgive if

My  the 2 poems I’ve

Wrote so far today

Doesn’t make any

Sense to you all.

I’m was just

Rambling about

The human body’s

Aches and pains my

Legs has been hurting

Me all night couldn’t

Sleep last night

They were spasMing

Like crazy but don’t

Worry I’ll be okay

Much love to you all

Feb 3rd 2007

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Sue Mceachern's picture

lori my prayers are with u. i know how u are feeling i have severe nerve pain in my legs for the past month cause of the baby sitting on my nerve but i had my precious little girl on january 23rd and i m still getting pain. i have been trying to stay off my leg and it does get better but i dont want to live a life of solitude. god bless u