My feelings about my dad

My feelings about my dad

My feeling about my Dad are not fake they Are real and true and from The heart. God knows I love My dad more then words could Ever say but everyday it seems  He causes me nothing but pain And heartache. every time I Look at my dad I say To myself I wish he would just disappear And I would have to See him again. Now god knows  I know those are strong Words to say about my own father it’s just how I feel. But then I think to myself he just might care about you after all he did bring you into his home and call you one of his own. But as it turns out that’s a big dream to him I get a phone call and visit twice a year from him and I can feel the fear he wished I would just disappear. I feel like I’m just a big mistake that he can’t erase. My dad tells me he loves me with all his heart then all the sudden he rips my world apart my dad says he loves me with all his heart! Yet every time he talks to me he says harsh words to me words that will Forever leave a mark and it feels like he put a knife straight through my heart! When I was little I thought my dad was the best father on the face of this earth and was one of my heroes my mom was and still is my other hero! But as I got older I realized all those things I thought about was just a dream and he woke me up the hard way, and reality hit me in the face.

The only thing I do know for sure is that no matter what

My dad tried to do his best for me! Regardless of the past or what he’ll do as time goes on. I will always love him and respect him! I pray every night that my dad will change and stop playing his I don’t want to be a dad anymore games, so when my dad dies and goes to heaven and has to answer to god on judgment day things won’t be as hard for him!

Dear reader I wrote this poem about 5 yrs. Ago

It was and still is painful for me to write but I found the

Courage to write this poem again and place on my site!

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

unbelieveably profound piece. It must be very hard for you with the up/down emotional things that have gone on. I feel bad for you to have to go through this..