Every time I turn around

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Every time I turn  around

I love my cat

To death but

She’s making

Go insane or

So it seems that

Way she’s away

Getting into stuff

She’s  not suppose too.

Here lately she’s

Always getting into things or


On things like it’s a game

Or when I wake mom’s

Always tells me something

She’s messed up or spilled

Or something of that nature.

I don’t what I’m

Going to do with

Her! I guess just

Deal with it and go on.

Nov 2nd 2006

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Sue Mceachern's picture

cute kitty. very good kitty. i love this one. ilove animals especially kitties. how old is she.i have 2 3 year old boy cats and let me tellu the stuff they pull. at nite they get in whats called their procedure they chase each around the house and all u can hear is the cats going crazy. then they wrestle and play fight. they meow they growl they hiss at each other they claw each other. all the while we are trying to sleep if i bring something home in a bag they have to have thier face in the bag inspecting it. they are adorable .i love cats. arent they adorable getting into mischief