Dear god a prayer for mom!

mom's poems

Dear god

Dear god

Please listen

Close to the

Words I have

To say I know

You will. You

Listen to everybody  

All over the world!

I’m worried about my

Mom because of all

The knots coming up on

Here leg, ankles, knees,

Hands. and fingers.

The pain she feels

Day in day out makes

My heart shatter at the thought

Of my mother in pain.

She said she’s calling the

Doctor first thing in

The morning. But no

In her she’s probably

Just saying to get up off her

Back that’s about like her.

Please when she does go see

The doctor please let them

Be able to help her manage  

The pain and please don’t

Let it be cancer or anything of

That nature if it is  that will

Forever destroy  me please help me

In your I pray amen

Sept 24th 2006,

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Sue Mceachern's picture

very good write. my prayers go out to you and your mom.