The brave Indian and his pen.

poetry challenges

The brave Indian and his pen.

The brave Indian and his pen

My friend Ruth sent me a

Picture of a brave Indian

with his pen and challenged

Me to write a poem about

What I thought the picture

Meant. So here goes nothing

My friend!

I’ve studied this picture

For a bit from what I

Can see is the Indian

Looks like he’s

Sitting on his throne

With his Indian drum behind

Him. He looks to me like he’s

Posing for photograph as if he’s

Waiting for somebody to take

His photograph. As for his pen

I think it represents all of his

Heritage and the pen has passed

Down from one generation to the

Next! And his loved ones that have

Passed on throughout his life. but mostly

I think it represents that he’s  the

Chief of his own tribe.

Sept 15th 2006,

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