in memory of Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin

The great

Crock hunter

Lost his life

While swimming

With a sting ray.

Everybody said they

Have no idea why

The sting ray hit him

in the heart like that.

They say stingrays

Are not known to be

Dangerous creatures

Most people who

Are attacked by

An stingray live

To tell about it

I guess in Steve’s

Case he wasn’t

So lucky. The

Way I see it is

He left this

World doing

What he had

A passion to do.

He was very

Skilled in this

Craft in doing

Something very few

In this world are able

To do! Even

Though it breaks

My heart to see

A man of 44 years young

Get killed that way

I can’t help but

Believe everything

Was meant to happen

Just that way.

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Sue Mceachern's picture

excellent piece. thanks for the dedication to the croc hunter. he will be greatly missed. he was a magnificient man