My views on Ruth’s poem about the heart!

My views on Ruth’s poem about the heart!

My friend Ruth

Wrote about

The heart called

The Head Never Hears Till The Heart Has Listened --

It’s a funny

Little creature

You see

I agree with

The words she

Wrote in

Every way! She

Went deep  

About how the heart

Can react.

Even though the

Head might be telling us

Something different

our brain

Says one

Thing while our heart

Says another. The

Heart makes

us feel emotions

And feelings

we’ve never


Before no

How hard you

Try the heart says

things that are

Impossible to ignore.

No matter how

Much you say  

I won’t go

Back into

That. I’ll never let

My heart be ripped

In half and be broken

Again. 9 times out

Of times 10

We’ll open our

Heart and

Be vunerable

Again. So the

Lesson here is

To never say never

July 27th 2006,

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

thanks for the kudos on my piece. Like yours here too and its true the head should listen to the heart ..