You’re like the male me


You’re like the male me

When we fist

Begin talking a few

Days ago. I thought

This guy is cool

I love his personality

And humor

Too but there’s no way

We ever  talk again

He probably only will

Talk to me that one time

Because he  felt sorry

For me but then once he

Kept talking to me over

The course of the few days

I thought maybe I do have

A real shot a getting to know

Him and calling a friend

And who knows will

Happens between us over time

We understand each other s

Struggles with be disabled

And we know that those

That   love us try to encourage us

Everyday but even then

We get discouraged

And we say to ourselves

We don’t want be disabled

Anymore knowing we can’t ever

Wish our diseases were nothing

But a bad dream that never

Come true. All I know no

Matter the outcome of your

Surgery we have to stick together

To be with him and his angels

On that fateful day!

And be there for one

Always and forever!!!!!!!!

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Afzal Shauq's picture

hmm a good inspiring poem the idea

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

It is always wise to be kind to a stranger,a stranger can become a friend, a friend a bond for a life time that makes our life whole through understand,respect,and compassion which is the human factor personified..