No words

No words

There are no

Words to tell Ruth

How much I appreciate

The gifts she sends

Me and my mom!

It means so much

To me, my heart

Is overwhelmed

With joy because

Of her kindness

To me and my family!

She?s just

Awesome in every

Way! I told mom I wish

There was

Something I could

Give her to repay

Her for all the

Wonderful gifts

She?s given me

& and my family!

But I truly don?t

Know what it would

Be? She?s brought a tenderness

To my heart that will

Forever be indescribable

She has this flawless

Floating grace about her that makes

You love everything she

Does or stand

For! Everything

That makes her who

She is! God sent her

To me to teach me,

Show me,

And educate

Me on life

That I might

Have never

Seen or dreamed

If it hadn?t been brought to

My attention by her

There are no words how

Much I thank her!


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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

You are so sweet,and this piece really touches my heart and I thank you.I'm glad the books made you and mom happy....