Mom?s pain

mom's poems

Mom?s pain

She thinks

I don?t see

Her pain

And she?s in

Every second

Of everyday!

Or she?s thinks

I could care

She?s in pain.

Trust I do

See and care

For her more

Then I ever express.

She tells me the words

About her don?t mean

Nothing to her that anybody

Can write words. She?s got a point

But not everybody can write words

From the heart! Not everybody

Prays for god to take away her

Pain and put it on me

Night after night like me.

I wish I could walk

So I could a job

And get my mom

All the meds she

Needs. So maybe

There would be

Happiness and joy

In her life once again!


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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I'm surprised to see here you say your mom says anyone can write words and it doesn't mean anything. I don't think she really feels that way,I think what ever is causing her pain is making her reach out in her own way. Sometimes words are not enough by themselves but they alway do have an impact whether negative or positive.Not all people want to write but they can ifthey did want to. Still that is fine because it's a personal choice to write or not write. Even beyond physical pain and the fact meds can help that there is other type of pain meds dont touch and that is the most important time for the human factor to alleviate that pain,simply by being there for someone and letting them know you love and care about them, even if they tend to scoff and sometimes not believe it. Some want so much to be needed and love and some are so afraid to say or ask for it...It is during that time those people are suffering most but won't tell you. Your instincts will always let you know there is something up. Being there for someone is not always words written or said,or just hugs it can be a simple smile or acknowledgement of their being and a listening ear....