Independence day!


Independence day!

July 4th

Is independence  Day

As we know it’s

The day the

Declaration of

Independence was


A day that

Became national


Pays tribute

To men and

Women of

The services

And armed forces.

Those that fought

In the in 9/11,

civil war

And pearl harbor

Most say those

Men and women

Who survived  

Came out forever changed

Never the same.

Those that lost

Their lives fighting

For our freedom

So we could live in

The great country we

Live in today! And continue

To put their lives on the

Line everyday while servicing

in Iraq

It’s because

Of all those

Brave service

Men and women that

we have

The independence

And freedom that we do!

I solute you all

Thank you for

Fighting for me,

My family, my friends

And most of all my country

You‘re in my prayers daily!!!

7/6th 2006

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Sue Mceachern's picture

u go girl!!. this is a great piece. so very true and i really enjoyed it . hats off to you for a great piece. maybe others will wake up and realize what the troops are fighting and dying for/.