My body is tired

My body is tired

My body is tired

Of fight These


Even though

I don?t have

That seizure

Anymore since

I threw my meds

Out the door.

They seem to

Always be


About the

Conner waiting

For another


To return

To hurt me

Once again

And make so tired

I don?t even feel

Like taking a breath

Or putting once

Foot in front of

The anymore.

I told mom


I didn?t think

My could handle

Much more.

I got sick as a dog

After the seizures ended

I told mom I was starting

To wonder if all this was

Really worth anymore.

And I really have to


To hold out

For anymore?

June 1st 2006,

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I don't envy you the seizures and feel for you having to deal with them. I think you ment corner not "conner" in your piece though. I guess your frustration about seizures is like my frustration about migranes and sinus hassels all the time.. Hey we can all compare war notes on annoyances huh? hahalol...