So many ideas

Enter my head

To write about

It sometimes

Gets hard to

Track of them


Especially when I

Lay down to go to

Sleep I hear all

These voices

Entering my

Head they’re

Lines and


Telling me

Stuff I

Write that relates

To my life and the

Stuff that’s going on

Around me.

Somehow the lines

And rhymes that

I hear inside turns into

Poetry by the time I

Finish saying

Everything I have

To say

Feb 19th 2006

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I like this and can relate to it,often when I go to bed just about get comfortable I start thinkingabout a piece and usually get up and write it no matter what time because don't want to lose the idea. Ideally I'd like to hae a mini recorder near the night stand to talk my ideas in then come back to them in the morning so yeah can relate to this...