the word uncle


the word uncle

The word uncle has special meaning to me!

Here’s why? The word uncle has such a special meaning to me! He has quite a few chances to get out of this sock mill capital town and work in much better places but instead he turned them all down And choose to stay, And made sure me and mom has got everything we need to get the bills paid, although He would never admit that’s one of the main reasons Why he stayed? He’s always been

There for his kids though hell

Or high water and I’ll

Always respect him for that!

He bought my class

Ring for me

When my daddy

Wouldn’t he said my

Class ring was a

Worthless piece of gold

To me like he wasn’t

Pound of me!

He’s like a father

To me I know if

I ever needed advice on guys

Or anything

He’ll be there to give it to me!

I feel like I can talk to him about

Anything! I may not always agree with his views on everything! But I do hope to marry a man

With a heart like his someday marry Christmas

And happy holidays uncle hub! I love you always and forever Lory!! 12/23/05

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If you can't find something in one man go to the next best hing, which you did. Great tribute to your uncle. The flow was a little off but excusable.