A trip to Wal mart with Jaden.

A trip to Wal mart with Jaden.

A trip to wal-mart

With Jaden I will

Never forget.

On the way

To wal-mart

Jaden was in

Good mood or

Least I thought

She was. she making

us all laugh and

being silly everything.

Jaden was sitting in the

  Backseat singing

Dirk’s benley’s I’ve

Got a lot of leaving

left to do.

Then when we got to

Wal-mart she went wild

Like never before. She

Wanted everything in the

Store that came in her sight

And her mom didn’t discipline

Her in anyway she just let her go and

Scream and wine and do what

She wanted to do without feeling

Bad in anyway.

11/3rd 05  

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interesting, people handle emotions in different ways ...