My battle cries

My battle cries

My body of pain

Is like I’m

Floating on

A dark cloud

I’m drowning

Choking, and I

Can’t Seem to

see the


my battle cries

are heard as I roll

up and cry in silence

the pain still remains

I say come on lory

Fight don’t give up

We’re gonna

Win this I know

We still have a

Chance. Yet

Just when I think I got

A handle on my pain

I slowly loose my

Grip and my

Pain always

Seems to over

Power me

And I somehow

Loose control

Of myself, my


And Everything!

So no

Matter how many battles I

Cry I just keep loosing over and

Again maybe someday I’ll

Eventually win the

Battle that I’ve set

Out to win since

It has first begin!    

June 5th 2005,

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem explains itself

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