I wish there was something I could do

mom's poems

I wish there was something I could do

I feel so sorry for my

Mom she says her

Feet burn like a

Cold fire as of

Lately. They

Hurt her so bad

She can’t hardly

Get to sleep

And she hardly can

Stand to walk barefoot.

She says she’s going to doctor

Monday I think she’s afraid too

Because she’s afraid of what he

Might say.

I tell her that’s

A chance we have

To take. I just wish

There was something

I could do to take her

Pain away. When I

Pray every night I ask

God to take her pain away.

I feel so helpless and cry

On the inside everyday,

For every minute I

See my mom in pain.

She’ll get mad at me

Some days and say I

Hurt so bad everyday

And nobody

Cares about me

You’ll probably

Be glad when I’m

Gone from this

Place but that’s

Not true in any way

I pray for her every night!

I ask I want mom to live and be healthy so she can see me find my soul mate, so she can share her wisdom with us, so we can all be a family, happy and healthy in Jesus name I pray Amen!

Sept 14th 2006,

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Sue Mceachern's picture

lori im very sorry for your pain and for your moms pain. it sounds like your mom has neuropathy. i have it and what it is is the bottom of your feet burn really bad and feels like fire. there is a medicine that will help ease that pain. i use to be on med for my feet before i got pregnant. i know exatly what your mom is going through,. tell her not to worry and take it easy,