Battle with me I’ll battle with you!

Battle with me I’ll battle with you!

I saw your message

In my guest book

Again today!

And I didn’t

Do Anything but

Lend you advice

I didn’t say you had to

Listen to anything I

Had to say it’s a free

Country we can say

Whatever we want to say!

And as for me being well

Known those words aren’t the

Words I used at all I said

Some of my works has been

Published that’s all as I recall.

And for the message you left

Me in my guest book I almost felt

Asleep reading that reply you left me!

I thought you used some of stupidest  

and craziest

words I’ve ever heard my gosh a

first grader can think of better words

you  to say! You said you were going to be nice and ignore me

yet you wrote me back again! So there must like  

something about me or my poetry you like to come

back twice! You wanna go get high I really don’t

care it’s your brain cells and  your life! But battle with me

I’ll battle with you until you go away or had enough

Either way you won’t scare me away!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote about somebody who lefted nasty comments in my guest book!

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